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by Joane - 10 months ago

This Week in Unsung Marvel Moments – April 4th, 2018

Welcome to Unsung Marvel Moments, where we bring you the Marvel moments worth talking about! Each week we’ll be highlighting some of the most exciting, emotional, and action-packed scenes in Marvel’s comics that we think deserve your attention. We g...

by Joane - 10 months ago

The Past Brings the Pain in ROGUE & GAMBIT #4

Previously in ROGUE & GAMBIT, our titular heroes went on an undercover mission to investigate the mysterious disappearances of mutants on the island of Paraíso. Their time on the island together has spurned a series of unexpected events. Firstly...

by Joane - 11 months ago

The Wounded Heart Always Heals

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for the movie Logan. Logan was probably my most highly anticipated film release of 2017, and I made plans to see it with a friend when it came out in March. Unlike my friend—and most black geeks—I’m not into...