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by Joane - 10 months ago

Why SGT. ROCK’s War Stories Need to Be Heard

When it comes to war stories, action sells. It becomes easy, then, to sweep under the rug of DC Entertainment’s action-packed war comics of old. It’s easy to see them as nationalistic, militaristic pulp — relics of a less enlightened era with as muc...

by Joane - 10 months ago

MAUS, DEOGRATIAS, and Dehumanization in Genocide

What does a Rwandan boy who transforms into a dog have in common with Jewish mice and Nazi cats? Both Jean-Phillipe Stassen’s DEOGRATIAS and Art Spiegelman’s MAUS use animals as a tool to frame past genocides. As a result, both graphic novels highli...

by Joane - 10 months ago

THE OMEGA MEN and the Futility of War

THE OMEGA MEN is not, by any means, a light-hearted comic. It begins with silence. Beyond the screeching of a chair against the floor, the entire first page is wordless. It’s not long after this that the circumstances start to reveal themselves. A...