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by Joane - 10 months ago

Six Interesting Facts about the Nobel Prize in Literature

What does it mean to win a Nobel Prize in Literature? Some of the past winners have explained it better than we ever could. For example, Seamus Heaney declared, "I've said it before about the Nobel Prize: it's like being struck by a more or less ben...

by Joane - 10 months ago

Welcome to NUMENERA!

Welcome to “Welcome To!” In this series, we tell you about the worlds behind some of our favorite franchises. These articles are about lore, atmosphere, and worldbuilding: all the things we care most about in games. First up: NUMENERA, a strange sci...

by Joane - 10 months ago

Must-Have Books for World War II Book Collectors

The events of World War II shaped the world we live in today, from economic and political alliances, to scientific advancements. Now a major field of scholarship as well as a frequent inspiration for both fiction and film, World War II has captivate...