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by Joane - 7 months ago

ONE DAY A DOT Review: Scientifically Adorable

ONE DAY A DOT: Written by Ian Lendler, Illustrated by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb Art Characterization Plot Summary ONE DAY A DOT gives readers a beautiful and succinct introduction to some of science's heftier concepts....

by Joane - 7 months ago

MAUS, DEOGRATIAS, and Dehumanization in Genocide

What does a Rwandan boy who transforms into a dog have in common with Jewish mice and Nazi cats? Both Jean-Phillipe Stassen’s DEOGRATIAS and Art Spiegelman’s MAUS use animals as a tool to frame past genocides. As a result, both graphic novels highli...

by Joane - 8 months ago

Speaking Out About THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS Review

THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS by Mark Long and Jim Demonakos with art by Nate Powell Plot Characterization Art Summary First Second's THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS puts names and faces to the Civil Rights Movement, powerfully givi...