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by Joane - 1 year ago

Five Stars: Starting At The End With Jeff Smith [Interview]

  There are few cartoonists more admired than Jeff Smith. Inspired himself by the serialized newspaper strips he read as a child, Smith went on to create a string of acclaimed, inspirational comics works that have not only proved evergreen in terms...

by Joane - 1 year ago

Reading List: The Ten Essential Jack Kirby Stories

  Obviously Jack Kirby is the greatest comic book artist of all time, but most will agree he's also one of the medium's greatest writers. He wrote the way he drew: Big and loud and primal, but with a surprising amount of intricacy and nuance waitin...

by Joane - 1 year ago

Coming Of Age: The 'Persepolis' Mixtape

  Marjane Satrapi’s incredible work Persepolis focuses on the experiences of a young Marji and her family growing up during the Iranian Revolution. The Revolution caused many changes to the relatively peaceful Iran of Marji’s youth, including gender...