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Why America Needs More Heroes Like Vash the Stampede

The world has changed a great deal since TRIGUN’s, the classic anime by Madhouse starring Vash the Stampede, release 20 years ago. Everything from smartphones to internet culture to current news media would be unrecognizable to the denizens of the late 90’s. However, with all of these progressions...

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Anime Watchlist: WOLF’S RAIN

Anime Watchlist is ComicsVerse’s anime recommendation series, where we spotlight some of the best lesser-known shows out there. Finding well-written anime with compelling stories and lovable characte...

Comic Books / by Joane - 11 months ago

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Over at Kirkus: Family, Ancestors and Coco

It’s Friday and we are over at Kirkus. Today, Ana finally musters the courage to talk about her feelings for Coco Warning: LOTS OF CRYING AHEAD Related Ana Ana Grilo is a Brazilian who moved to the UK because of the weather. No, seriously. She works with translations in RL and hopes one...

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